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About Us

Our Company

Farlong Pharmaceutical, located in Walnut, California (east of Los Angeles), was established in 1998.

It is a research-based nutraceutical company that commits to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative herbal products.

The company and partners have strong R&D teams, TCM ingredient cultivation farms, advanced manufacturing and extraction technology, full life cycle quality control, traceable from seed to finished product. The sales network covers over thirty counties and regions.

All products were manufactured by GMP certified manufactures and meet FDA and ISO standards: guaranteed high quality.

The company carries dozens of proprietary patented nutraceutical products, vitamins, nutraceutical ingredients, classical Chinese formula, proprietary specialized compound formula, and over four hundred kinds of full-spectrum single granules. The Company operates several herb auto dispensing centers across the U.S., serving TCM practitioners, clinics and the end users.

Our Logo

The Meaning

The middle symbol of the logo represents the Chinese character of "川" which means rivers and streams of running water. It symbolizes perpetual streams of running water as the continually renewing source of life. At the same time, it represents far and long. It signifies positive energy and the flowering of the business.

Our Partners

Beijing Ton Ren Tang Farlong, LLC

PS+ Care, Inc.

Acupuncture Corporation of America, Inc.